About us

Welcome to the homepage of the Early Hungarians Research Team!


The Research Centre of Humanities of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences was established in January 2012. Since the beginning, the scientific community of the Centre has been driven by the aim of following the best traditions of the Hungarian academic realm and the state-of-the-art research trends of the Academy. Our most important task is to conduct basic research on the highest level in the interdisciplinary fields represented by the Centre's nine Institutes (of Philosophy, Literature, Art History, Ethnography, Archaeology, History, Musicology, Archaeogenomic, and the Moravcsik Gyula Institute). We aim to renew the scientific discussion in Hungary and internationally and make our results visible and interesting to the public through modern media. Establishing the Hungarian Prehistory Research Team (HPRT) on 23 February 2012 was part of this endeavour. The HRPT has coordinated the work of almost forty researchers of the Centre and from various museums and universities in Hungary. In 2020, our name was changed to Early Hungarians Research Team. Our lecture series has continuously been gaining popularity. Thus far, the topics included: the sites of Hungarians before the Conquest in the steppe region; the problem of the Szekler (székely) writing system; the archaeological record of the Byzantine-Hungarian relations; and the interpretational possibilities provided by the results of recent anthropological research as well as ethno- and state theoretical analyses. You may find on our homepage the lectures of the series mentioned above and links to every major result and publication yielded by Hungarian and international research of early Hungarian history.