Elite horsemen of the 10th century (Nyugati Gyepűk Pajzsa Haditorna Egyesület)

Ladies and Gentlemen!

We would like to share with you the results of our 7 years of work! In 2016, when we bought our first horse of the team (Szittyus, also shown in the pictures), we set the goal to bring to life the elite horsemen of Hungarian Grand Duchy from the 10th century, who were not yet practically represented. We feel now, without sparing any time, money, effort and labour, we have finally succeeded! In both everyday and military costume, we have tried to present a detailed and authentic representation, and to show how civilian and military costume at this level might have been different (with reference to the critical view of the military history that can be drawn from the excavated graves)! The special thing is that we are not just using the equipment for the sake of a photo, but also "in real action", and all I can say is follow the ancestors and everything will fall into place! However, the results achieved are not just the fruit of our own labour! We would like to list all the craftsmen and craftswomen who have contributed to the fulfillment of our goal, and to represent the many people who have worked together to create such a costume!

Civilian dress:
János Mestellér (Kazár Bazár)- silk and brocade fabrics and professional help, advice and pithy critique
Klaudia Haraszti (Klaufaktúra) - costume maker (brocade robes and hats, flag)
Szabolcs Balogh - costume maker (trousers, stockings)
Edina Horváth - costume maker (shirt, robe, stockings)
Virág Kiss - costume maker (flag)
Ilona Csilla Tóth - costume maker (robe)
Barnabás Pospischil - footwear maker (boots are exclusively from him)
Bertalan Zágorhidi Czigány - leather work (belts and bags)
Miklós Savanyú - metalworker (plate for pouch)
Balázs Barta - jewellery (silver belt fittings)
Veronika Csibi - jewellery (robe fittings (original pieces are from Tarpa))
Zsanett Szarkaliné - linen material

Military costume:
Dániel Kovács (Kovács armoury) - armourer, our helmets, armour and swords are mostly his work
Botond Félegyházi - sword smith (pallos)
Two Páli - blacksmiths, makers of our spears and axes
Gergő Goszpodinov - blacksmith, also a spear and axe supplier
István Kaplár - helmet and armour smith
István Katona (Bajan bow) - bow maker
Tibor Marx - traditional bow and quiver maker
Béla Kerékgyártó, Viktor Lipták - quiver makers
Norbert Kulcsár - quiver maker
Balázs Bodnár - felt maker (helmet caps)

Equine tooling:
Soma Imeli - saddle maker
József Szegedi - saddle maker
Botond Félegyházi - blacksmith (saddle forges), smith (saddle hooks, saddle pommels)
Balázs Barta - smith (silver beads, pendants)
Zsigmond Ádámffy - jeweller (bronze beads)
Two Páli - blacksmiths (canoes)
Szabolcs Balogh - horse and saddle blankets
Balázs Tompa - leather works, breast armor for horse

Without claiming completeness, it took the sacrificial work of the above people, their own professional research spanning decades to make this project come to fruition in this form. A huge thank you to them! And thanks to everyone who has helped us with either advice or useful knowledge, constructive or demolishing criticism! Special thanks to Sándor Brieber for his excellent work as a photographer over many years,without which we would not have been so popular! And last but not least to Attila Tompa and Máté Egervári who are pushing the actions without sparing themselves! And also to our horses, Szitya, Zarif and Hadur without whom we would be nothing!